Association of Tea Bloggers Mandate

 Function of the Organization

  1. Creating a warehouse for accurate, updated info on teas and tea research. Topics include:
    1. Health benefits
    2. Tea and weight loss
    3. Updates in tea production, and tea production locations
    4. Categories, grades, and processing of teas
    5. Caffeine content
    6. Storage of teas
    7. Development of tea products and accessories
  2. Exchanging contacts and content
    1. Centralized listing of bloggers, blogs and topics
    2. Convenient linkage between blogs for improved dialogue
    3. Comparison between similar reviews from different bloggers
    4. Sharing tea events and promos

What Members Will Provide

  1. A bio that describes the members’ tea-related expertise and background, physical location, etc. This will function as a record/resource for tea retailers and consumers to use when looking for blogs on tea topics. It will also help find best match of members to blog about community or local events.
  2. Members will contribute to updating collections of tea-related research. We will make sure we have the most accurate, up-to-date links and resources on tea related medical research and industry research for the purpose of timely, consistent information.
  3. A committment to promote reliable and responsible tea knowledge
    1. Participate in members-only forum for seeking and providing info
    2. Inform members of new teas, promotions, and offerings from retailers
    3. Invite tea industry leaders, journalists, social media experts, and other “leaders” to help the ATB build skills and knowledge
  4. Offer a clear “voice” to tea retailers
    1. Protect the economic interests of tea bloggers by working with retailers to further develop blogger-focused advertizing and marketing programs that reward bloggers for their efforts
    2. Provide a “Who’s Who” of bloggers so that retailers find the best match in coordinating initiatives with bloggers.
  5. Network between members
    1. Maintain an on-going, searchable, list of topics and articles for linkage between blogs
    2. Allow bloggers to connect and coordinate on “guest writing” opportunities