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39steeps Steven Knoerr, 39 Steeps
Tea tastings, loose teas, U.S. tea culture

alex zorach's tea blog Alex Zorach, Alex Zorach's Tea Blog
This is the personal tea blog of the creator of  This blog contains musings, opinions, and anything of a more personal nature that is tea-related, other than reviews of individual teas.

emma leas ezine Babette Donaldson, The Emma Lea Tea-Zine

I write a monthly blog for families with young children encouraging families to begin tea traditions at home.

barbs tea shop Barbara Gulley, Barb's Tea Shop
If you would like more information about upcoming events or setting up one for you or your group, call BTS at 248-840-4356 or e-mail us at barb@barbsteashop.

blackdragonteabar Brett Boynton, Black Dragon Tea Bar
My Taiwan tea travel stories, tea reviews, news about whatever tea related things I'm up to, including tea education articles and light self-promotion.

Blog de té Horacio Bustos, Blog de té
[blog description to come]

Camellia Sinensis Blog Roy Fong, Camellia Sinensis Blog
The official blog of San Francisco's Imperial Tea Court, home of world-renowned traditional Chinese teahouses and the finest Chinese tea and teaware

Cha-Cha-Cha: Adventures in Tea Carol Sill, Cha-Cha-Cha: Adventures in Tea
blog description

chadao Corax, Cha Dao
Dedicated to discussion and appreciation of teas, especially those from Pacific Asia. Not a monologic journal, but rather a forum where members can discuss the joys, bewilderments, and mysteries of this most potent infusion.

chadao europe Cosmin Dordea, Chadao, Way Of Tea Europe
This blog details my journey in the way of tea (chadao). It will detail my progress, my experiences and the teas that I enjoy. It is also a tool to receive feedback from those that are more knowledgeable than me.

ChaYi Armandas Burba, ChaYi 茶艺 Искусство Чая Art of Tea
blog description

The Devotea Robert Godden, The Devotea

Tea Maniac, creates videos, blogs and has own range of blends.

Là dove fumano le tazze Serena, Là dove fumano le tazze

This blog (written in italian) was created to hold and share sips, verses, thoughts, precious moments and discoveries... as long as evoked by a steaming cup in hands. Tea for me is poetry, nature, art: it is all my greatest passions, brought together and transformed into leaves. I write about all this because I could not do otherwise: it's a natural need. And I really like it that way.

Questo blog è nato per accogliere e condividere sorsi, versi, pensieri, attimi preziosi, scoperte e suggestioni... purché evocati dal calore di una tazza fumante tra le mani. Il tè per me è poesia, natura, arte: è tutte le mie più grandi passioni riunite insieme e trasformate in foglie. Ne scrivo perché non potrei fare altrimenti. E mi piace che sia così.

Exotic Tea Store Blog Roland Petrov, Exotic Tea Store Blog
Latest Updates About Exotic Tea, Poetry and Events at Tea & Treasure. This blog is dedicated to discovering the wonderful world of tea in all its exotic variations.

gongfugirl Cinnabar, Gongfu Girl
Gongfu Girl was started in 2006 by Colleen of Mearcair Studios, as part of a nascent interest in tea. Shortly after the blog's creation she was joined by a small number of guest bloggers, including Cinnabar, who is now, for all intents and purposes, sole writer of the blog, other writers having moved on to other pursuits that do not include writing online about tea. The blog publishes articles about tea, teaware and worldwide tea cultures and traditions. This sometimes includes reviews of teas and tea-related products.

The Hour For Tea Elizabeth Urbach, The Hour For Tea and The Cup That Cheers
blog description

Indie Teas Neil Desai, Indie Teas
My name is Neil Desai and I am a college student at Georgia Tech. I love tea and would love to get more people into it. This site contains tea news, links, information, videos, reviews, and other content for you to know more and more about one of the greatest drinks ever steeped.


I named this blog Indie Teas because I've always loved things that aren't brand name and have a high quality. I consider teas from little tea shops and direct from the source outlets as "indie" teas. They are the best teas in my opinion and produce something that no brand name run of the mill place can compare to.

My goal of this blog is to provide great information about loose tea and help people learn about the different types and subtleties.

An International Tea Moment Jen Picotti, An International Tea Moment
Blog Description

itsallabouttheleaf Mike Morton, It's All About The Leaf
Tea and tea accessory reviews by experts as well as everyday tea drinkers.

Joy's Teaspoon Naomi Rosen, Joy's Teaspoon
Joy's Jabberings is a collection of thoughts, ideas, research and humor devoted to loose leaf teas and spices.  Naomi Rosen, Owner of Joy's Teaspoon, is a reformed bagged tea drinker with a healthy habit for all things loose!  Enjoy the book reviews, tasting notes, recipes, Sipping Profiles and informative articles all with a hint of humor behind them! 

lahikmajoedrinkstea Ken Macbeth Knowles, lahikmajoedrinkstea
blog description

lainiesips Lainie Petersen, Lainie Sips
Lainie Sips is a blog dedicated to all things tea. The bulk of the posts are tea and teaware reviews, but I also include news, tea artwork, and tips for preparing, storing, and enjoying tea.

life in teacup Gingko Seto, Life in Teacup
The blog records my journey of tea drinking, including tasting notes, reading reflections, and real world tea stories. It also includes information of tea sources, tea processing techniques and specific tea terms pertaining to Life In Teacup products.

Mad Pots of Tea Madam Potts, Mad Pots of Tea!
Tea is Fun. Random bits of Tea Madness: personal news, tea & accessory reviews and fun.

mandarinstea Timothy Hsu, The Mandarin's Tea
I truly believe learning about tea is not being told by so and so, but really understanding the water, the soil, the people and the plants from where they grow and listening to the tea with a humble and open heart.

The Meaning of Tea Blog Emmeny McIntyre-Beadle, The Meaning of Tea Blog
blog description

My Steeped identiTEA Brittiny Lawson, My Steeped IdentiTEA
My Steeped IdentiTEA is my personal blog in which I talk about my hobby of tea. This includes, but is not limited to, personal tea notes, thoughts, reviews, opinions, experiences, news, and events. I do not claim to be a tea expert in any way, shape, or form. It was only in August of 2007 that I started to actively research and understand tea as a substance and as a culture. Thus, this blog was created to document my learning experience. I am more than happy to do reviews for vendors, but beware that I will always be completely honest when posting my opinions and thoughts.

Notes on Tea Georgia Silvera Seamans, Notes on Tea
Notes on Tea is written by Georgia; she likes green teas and sometimes Oolongs, and lately has been drinking lots of black tea (Ceylon).

Over The Teacups Jennifer Petersen, Over the Teacups.
blog description

Pon Fon Cha Thomas Shu, Pon Fon Cha and Taiwan Tea Tour
Thomas Shu and Josephine Pan are both from Hsin Chu, Taiwan. Our hometowm produces the World's finest tea - Formosa Champaign Oolong, also known as Pon Fon Cha.

Red Circle Tea Sina Carroll, Red Circle Tea
[blog description to come]

rota do cha Hanny Guimarães, Rota do Chá
The blog is one of the few on the subject in Brazil. It's hard to find information in portuguese about tea. So, I believe I'm contributing to spread the subject in my country and as I do it I get to learn a lot. Focus: tea culture, tea wares and accessories, five o'clock tea, tea reviews, interviews with tea connoisseurs, industry news, tea articles, tea rooms, videos and my personal tea journey. Share information about tea!

Rub of the Green Jamie King, Rub of the Green
blog description

SBS Teas Blog Barbara Tuson, SBS Teas Blog
[blog description to come]

the sip tip Adam Yusko, The Sip Tip
I focus on East Asian teas and brewing procedures. I also try and infuse my thoughts and feelings about tea and and teaware while learning the depths that East Asian tea has to offer.

Sir William of the Leaf William Dietz, Sir William of the Leaf
blog description

Straight From the Leaf Verna L. Hamilton, Straight From the Leaf

Tea is simple: water and leaves. Yet tea’s simplicity creates a conducive environment for resurrecting an endangered art: the art of conversation. Straight from the Leaf shares the conversations that occur over this delightful beverage. Please pour a cup, take a sip, and most of all, enjoy.

liber-teas Anne Downen, SororiTEA Sisters

A Sorority of Sisters Who Love Tea

SustainabiliTEA Jeremy Lopatin, SustainabiliTEA
This blog serves as a more casual forum for news and updates about Arbor Teas, as well as issues related to tea and sustainable living. Check out Arbor Teas for one of the largest selections of organic and Fair Trade Certified teas available!

t ching Erika Cilengir, T Ching
The aim of the T Ching blog is to cast a wide net so as to attract as many people as possible to the world of tea.

marshaln Marshal N, A Tea Addict's Journal
Blogging seriously about tea

tea amigos Michael Kofman, TeaAmigos Tea Reviews
Welcome to TeaAmigos. We provide you with tea reviews that blow your mind. Think this is nothing more than another tea blog with boring tea reviews from boring tea reviewers who offer boring descriptions of boring teas? TeaAmigos is anything but that kind of tea blog. Our tea reviews will make you laugh, cry, and wet yourself at the same time. TeaAmigos offers so much more than a mere tea review. Our tea beats will make you move your feet. Our Teasan Training tea articles will make learning about tea fun. Our tea news tea blog will keep you up to date with the world of tea. Think that this is just another tea blog? Think again.

tea and co Tea Alberti, Tea & Co.
bio: graphic designer, mom fulltime, tea lover and gourmet victim

Tea & Travel Deborah Huff, tea & travel
[blog description to come]

Tea Chat Blog Will Bailey, Tea Chat Blog
blog description

teaescapade Nikki Means, Tea Escapade
Capturing my adventures in tea through tea and product reviews, tea facts, and tea news.

teafinelybrewed Eric Daams, Tea Finely Brewed
Tea Finely Brewed helps discerning tea drinkers develop a deeper appreciation for the world's most popular beverage (other than water, that is).

teaformeplease Nicole Martin, Tea For Me Please
My name is Nicole. I'm a 25 year old New Jersey Native with a passion for tea and teaware. I drink a lot of tea and I write a lot of tea reviews so I figured I should post them somewhere. I don't claim to be an expert (by any stretch of the imagination) but I love learning and expanding my knowledge of tea.

teafortoday Marlena Amalfitano, Tea For Today
Reviews and commentaries of all things to do with tea; books, magazines, utensils, merchants, tea rooms and, of course, tea. Some commentary on life in a small town.

teageekblogs Michael J. Coffey, Tea Geek Blogs
Hello. My name is, ironically enough, Michael J. Coffey and I’m your resident Tea Geek. My goal is to sort through and bring you the best, most interesting, and most scientifically reliable information about the entire world of tea. Stop by periodically (or, better yet, subscribe) to get tea reviews, history, science, and culture of tea worldwide!

teaguyspeaks William I. Lengeman, III, Tea Guy Speaks
Life's short. Drink good tea.

Tea Happiness Sara Shacket, Tea Happiness
[blog description to come]

tea heaven Cornell Pasare, Tea Heaven
[blog description to come]

teahorsecaravan Mary Ann Edward, The Tea Horse Caravan
We are tea connoisseurs that have an online tea store. We purvey artisan tea wares mostly made in Taiwan, fine teas from select tea plantations throughout Asia, aged teas - Puerh, tisanes that are specially formulated in the USA, fine spices and unique food items. Our interests spans from fine tea consumption, sharing what drinking tea is about, to health and finding rest in the simple things in life. We are continously learning about tea and everything that sparks our interests.

teanamu Pei Wang, Teanamu
Teanamu's eat.drink.tea blog gives lovely, nutritious tea recipes, writes about tea travels and tea stories and shows how to use tea to improve the functions of the body, de-stress and calm us spiritually, encourage social wellbeing and with the ritual of tea, create mindfulness and focus. In a rush-rush, fast-living world, tea represents a healthier and saner way.

teapages Katrina Avila Munichiello, Tea Pages
Topic/focus: reviews of tea, tea books, and shops; interviews with and information about people in the field; and industry news.

Tea Party Girl Dawnya Sasse, Tea Party Girl
[blog description to come]

teareflections Jenn Stump, Tea Reflections
I'm just simply a woman who loves a good cup tea. Join me as I explore the incredible and complex world of tea!


Stephanie Davies, The Tea Review
The Tea Review Blog is an online community of tea lovers and tea reviewers to share their love of tea with one another.

The Tea Review Blog is owned and managed by The Tea Guru (Stephanie), who does frequent reviews of tea also, but who also does not sell or manufacture teas of any kind. She started this blog out of a love and obsession for all things tea, and hopes to be able to use this blog to further share that passion with others.

Tea Snobbery Marika Hicks, Tea Snobbery
blog description

teaspoonsandpetals Alexis Siemons, Teaspoons & Petals
Tea is my passion, my fuel, my liquid companion. I created this blog as a place to share my thoughts and some creative pieces inspired by everything tea.

tea squared Thomas Conner, Tea Squared
A manifesto, of sorts: This blog is experiential more than it is informational. I'm not here to report on the tea industry or write tasting notes on every new tea that emerges. I'll certainly natter on about the stuff that knocks me out, but this is not a source of the Next Big Thing in Tea. Unless I accidentally stumble on it. I simply enjoy the experience of tea, of sitting with friends and letting the liquor work its magic between us, or merely savoring the flavor of distant soil in my own meditative moments. I like the culture surrounding it, the people involved, the art created and the books written and the songs composed about it. I relish the seemingly endless process of discovery once one plunges down this particular rabbit hole. The world may be your oyster, but it's in my teacup. Every friggin' day.


So, come into my parlor, said the flyer to the spy. Drop by anytime. Door's always open and the kettle's always on.

Teatime with A.C. Cargill A.C. Cargill, Teatime with A.C. Cargill
A.C. Cargill is a tea aficionado with a degree in English and Philosophy and years spent in writing, graphics, and Website design. What better use for these than to write about tea? She enjoys what she calls the “tea life” where tea isn’t just a beverage – it’s a way of life – and invites you to join in the adventure.

teatraveler Brian Pfeifer, Tea Traveler
Stories of life and tea abroad, plus tearoom and merchant reviews.

tee welt blog Roland Gehweiler, Teeblätter: Teewelt-Blog

blog description

tee welt blog Natalia Panne, teewelt - Der Tee-Blog

blog description

That Pour Girl Kay McCourty, That Pour Girl
About Me: I'm a 25 year old lady who likes to have grown-up tea parties but still wear the long dresses and sit on the ground with miniature cups in hand. I've been blogging since 2003 and writing journals since I could hold a pen.

levideetleplein Etienne Guillot, Le Vide et le Plein
Evolution d'un novice dans le monde du thé.

the voice of tea Chris Cason, The Voice of Tea: a tea sommelier's blog
Tavalon's own Tea Sommelier and author Chris Cason inspires your teacups and answers all your tea questions with The Voice of Tea. The perfect way for beginners to learn more about tea and for connoisseurs to stay on the cutting edge!

wayoftea Max Tillberg, The Way of Tea: En köpguide för te
The Way of Tea är en svensk köpguide för te. Här finns information om de finaste teerna, recensioner av böcker, filmer, tidningar samt en mängd butiker.


Jason Walker, Walker Tea Review
Walker Tea Review explores the world of online loose leaf teas. Walker Tea Review focuses on natural teas with no added flavorings.

Video reviews and tea tastings provide product information and education on how to appreciate a well-steeped cup of tea.

By partnering with online tea retailers, viewers also have the option to advance order discounted sample packs of tea and join the online tastings.


worldoftea Tony Gebely, World of Tea
Articles about tea steeping, tea culture, teaware, traveling with tea in mind, a few reviews here and there, but mostly my meanderings throughout the World of Tea.

Wrong Fu Cha Brandon, Wrong Fu Cha
This is prob­a­bly pretty clear by now — I’m Bran­don, and I like to drink strong tea.