Membership Information

Criteria for Membership:

  1. Applicant must own or contribute to at least one blog which is primarily about tea. One blog will be considered the member's primary blog, and will be used to verify that the applicant meets the membership criteria during the application process, and will be used to verify ongoing fulfillment of the posting requirements following acceptance.
  2. Applicant Blog must have a history of six months of active posts in order to provide enough blog content for evaluation. In rare cases an exception to this rule will be made, but the applicant must have built up a substantial amount of valuable, knowledgeable content within the shorter period of time.
  3. Applicant must publish at least three tea-related posts to the primary tea blog per month, and must have maintained this frequency during the previous six months. Membership will be considered based on the extent to which the post content is original, and tea-focused. Exceptions to this rule will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but will only be made for cases in which the blogger can demonstrate exceptional value within a lower frequency of posted content. Active publishing to the tea blog will be required to maintain membership in the organization.
  4. Applicant must not have any affiliations or interests which constitutes a conflict with the goals and purposes of the Association of Tea Bloggers Mandate.
  5. Applicant's primary, qualifying blog must emphasize education and accurate information about tea, not exist merely for the purpose of promoting or marketing the sale of goods or services.
  6. When medical or scientific data is presented, member must provide citations and references for the source of the information. Member must not make statements as fact without supporting materials that are generally recognized as authoritative. This applies only to scientific data, not to anything opinion-based or speculative.
  7. If applicant is a tea retailer, he/she must agree not to use the Association to directly promote his/her products through providing samples to other members or other means. Members may contact each other individually through their profiles for this purpose, but the ATB itself may not be used as a marketing tool.

Application Process:

  1. Fill in your information in our Contact Form.
  2. Include your blog URL and any additional information you would like us to take into account with regard to your acceptance into the Association.
  3. Submit the form with the "Application for Membership" category selected.
  4. Current ATB members will have the opportuity to review your blog and your application and provide feedback. In some cases we will deny memberships due to insufficient amount of content, or age of blog, but will encourage applicants to reapply if their ability to meet the membership citeria changes. Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be sent out on the second Monday of each month.

Benefits of Membership in the Association of Tea Boggers:

  1. Access to members-only informational resources.
  2. Participation in members-only discussions.
  3. Networking with other tea bloggers and retailers.
  4. Increased visibility through the listing of member and member's blog.
  5. Increased exposure of member blogs through the RSS feed to World Tea News. (This is a separate agreement with WTN. See this post for information.)
  6. Opportunities for participation in promotions, guest writing, etc.
  7. Participation in ATB-sponsored group projects.


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